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Sample of Pen& Ink Portrait of General Archibald C. Godwin - Drawing $150.00 - Framing with antique black moulding - $65.00


 Portraits are rendered in pencil, pen & ink, or acrylic (color). usually the pencil drawings are the least expensive with the pen & ink running about 1 1/2  to 2 times the cost and the color running slightly more. Also prices can vary according to details such as backgrounds, ornate uniforms, or other props. The quality of the portraits are greatly determined by the clarity and detail of the photographs that I work from. Many portraits are created by using several photos as reference. For example, using the head shot from one photo but using the body or clothing from another. Another great feature is that I can make Gicle' prints of the portrait on fine art paper or canvas at a fraction of the cost of the original. For more information or questions, please call me at my studio - 256-259-4255, or e-mail at warrartgallery@gmail.com