John Warr's Studio

Beginning painting on "Arsenal Artifacts" 6/1/06

Working on "N.B.Forrest Bust 7/15/06

Working on artillery shells 8/14/06

Nearly Finished 9/1/06

Close-up of shells

Close-up of Forrest Bust

"Click Here To See Finished Piece"

Beginning Painting  7/1/04

Working on background 7/12/04

Most of background finished, started on Sniper  8/10/04

9/4/04 Finished! "Yankees & Venison" . Prints will be available 9/20/04.... $75.00 (Original $6,000.00)

"Three Amigos" Finished 6/1/04  Prints now available!

8/1/02  Started new Special Delivery Artillery Stamp

9/20/02 Adding Color

Finished! 11/12/02

Sunday Stroll


"Drummer Man" Pen & Ink/ Acrylic finished 4/10/04

"General Godwin" Pen & Ink Portrait finished 4/24/04

New C.W.Painting, Half done with Pen&Ink work 7/31/03

Detail of Pen work

Finished with pen work 8/10

 "Mixed Blessings"-  Finished! 8/30/03